Employer, Employee and civilian protection in times of COVID-19: health screening, social distancing and contact tracing in one.

fuseAware has adapted its leading-edge, wearable technology to protect users across corporate, heavy industry and general population, so economies can get back to work and minimise the risk of a “second wave” or putting loved ones at risk.

The fuseAware solution is unique as it ensures employees are meeting and exceeding CDC guidelines by equipping them with an end to end covid-19 experience that addresses the key issues around: health screening via our fuseAware health screening kiosk, and arming users with the fuseAware wearable that warns users, visually and audibly, as soon as the minimum physical distance to another person occurs.

Reduce the chance of workplace Covid-19 contamination

1 | Health Screening

Picture of a health kiosk and mobile phone

Staying on top of COVID-19 means testing, testing, testing. Temperature is just one way of checking symptoms but its not enough, that’s why the fuseAware Health screening includes:

  • Temperature checks
  • Oxygen checks
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • A series of bespoke COVID-19 related questions

The above builds a real time deep analysis view of your organisation or population.

The supporting fuseAware App provides users with deep engagement and a constant source of communication via the in-App communication feature.

2 | Social Distancing

Picture of the fuseAware wearable

One thing that governments, experts and associations agree on is to keep people at a distance. That means:

  • At least 6 ft distance from colleagues
  • Keep personal contacts short
  • Avoid accidental contacts
  • Organize highly frequented areas

The fuseAware wearable achieves this. The wearable only functions in the workplace so we do not take personal data that is not related to the workplace.

3 | Contact Tracing

Picture of the fuseAware wearable

Should a person become infected out of the workplace and is asymptomatic it is crucial every business has the ability to track and trace who came into contact with the infected individual/s. In is important to do so quickly and precisely:

  • Localize cases of infection
  • Follow contact chains
  • Evaluate contact intensities
  • Take precautions

4 | Reporting

Picture of the fuseAware website

Who, when, where and how long are crucial. fuseAware Insight powers this data analysis.

  • Localize cases of infection
  • Real time
  • Deep dive by site, zone, region, postcode







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