Healthier, happier, safer workers.
More efficient workplaces.

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Our technology combines everyday smart devices to provide an all-round solution for worker safety, well-being and increased efficiency. We deliver safety beyond compliance, a healthier body and mind and operational tools for a more efficient working environment.

Combine worker safety, health and well-being in one easy-to-use platform.

Reduce onsite accidents and prevent access to restricted areas.

Promote positivity with a wide range of supporting features to enhance health and mental well-being.

Cross-platform solution allows for rapid deployment across staff, company or fuseAware devices.

Use your own device or one we provide – it’s your call! fuseAware uses smart devices to monitor workforces in real-time ensuring users are working in safe environments and following efficient practices, all with access to the latest health & wellbeing services for a complete Health & Safety offering.

With an API driven platform fuseAware can be integrated with any system for a comprehensive end-to-end overview of workplace operations, customised to your specific needs.

With this data organisations are able to analyse trends and operational activity to help make better business decisions.


Just five simple steps to harness the full benefits of the fuseAware app:

Users download the fuseAware app, using either personal or supplied devices.

The working environment is optimised for fuseAware

Training and induction.

fuseAware is activated for a Healthier, Happier, Safer and more efficient workplace.

Consume data through the Dashboard and Reports and make strategic decisions on safety, health & workplace efficiency.

Putting people first

Our primary function is to enable the safety, wellbeing and efficiency of every user.


Your real-time health score. Mind. Body. Soul.


fuseAware is designed to keep users safe, the 6th point of PPE.


Location is only shared in safety critical situations. Efficiency metrics are only measured at a group level.


All data is secure and private to the user.

Available cross platform

fuseAware is available to end users on iOS, Android & fuseAware wearables. Data is consumed through interactive web dashboards.


fuseAware solutions deliver measured, actionable data across a wide variety of heavy industry environments. It's flexible, adaptable and can be utilised across a range of sectors.

Construction Industry

Power Stations


Chemical Plants

fuseAware is a fully managed service that requires minimal internal administration enabling our business to reap significant health, safety and productivity benefits.
Pat Duffin, Production Director at Berkeley Homes (Central London) Ltd.


By selecting the features most relevant to your business, our solution is configured to suit your needs and delivered as a fully managed service.

Improved worker safety – on your side!

  • Real-time Safety & Warning Alerts
  • Observations & Interventions
  • Lone Worker
  • Evacuation Assist
  • Global Messaging
  • My Team Location
  • Reporting – Historic, Real-time & trend

Delivering better healthcare and well-being

  • Individual Health Score
  • On-site Health MOT’s
  • Mental Health Integration
  • Health Vitals – inc. BMI, pulse, blood pressure
  • Wellbeing Advice – inc. stress, mental health & nutrition
  • Lifestyle Advice – inc. sleep, exercise, diet, smoking & alcohol

Helping optimise your team

  • Have Your Say
  • Chat (Voice & IM)
  • Authorised Access Control
  • Training
  • CSCS Lookup
  • Plant Utilisation
  • Evacuation Lost Time
  • Reporting – Historic, Real-time & Trends

fuseAware in action:

A single 500 user construction site over a 12 month period saw productivity savings, and improved health and safety of workers by using fuseAware, delivered a ROI of 280%.

  • £7 million saving over 12 months
  • Zero accidents on site
  • 12% increase in workers health


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